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Dear Yuletide Writer

Dear Yuletide Writer,

I'm just thrilled about Yuletide. I already like you because you're writing a fic for me. I love receiving fic in exchanges and not to be frustratingly vague, but I'll be pretty damn happy and excited to receive anything because you wrote it and spent your precious time and energy on it and because it's going to be fun to receive a story outside of my usual fandoms.

So, in other words, let your brain roam free!


Just a few thoughts here:

1. I love angst, I love humor, I love banter, I love introspection, I love crackfic, I love AUs. If it's well-written and characterized, I'm there.

2. While porn in any of my requested fandoms would be awesome, it's not necessary. Nor is romance. I like gen/friendship fic a whole lot but I'm never against a delightfully romantic fic. Or a porny one. I tend to like femslash and het better than m/m fic, but I'd never turn my nose up to a well-written m/m story.

3. I tend to prefer character-driven, rather than plot-driven, fic. I love getting into the heads of characters I love (or am fascinated by). However, if you have something really plotty in mind, plot away!

4. I really don't want to read non-con, underage sex, mpreg, or incest (except in one fandom--see below).

5. I love, love, love fic centered around female characters!

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Characters: Camilla and Charles Macaulay

One of my disappointments with this novel (that I otherwise love) is how short-changed Camilla was, characterization-wise. We never really got to know a lot about her and only saw her through Richard's eyes. I'd love to know more about her and her motivations. What was the deal with her relationship with her brother? (This is where the incest exception is, although I'd prefer for it not to be explicit.) Her ending was disappointing, too. Is there any way I could get something of a happy ending for Camilla?

Moonrise Kingdom

Characters: Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky

I adored the dreamlike, elegiac quality of this movie. It truly felt like someone's nostalgic memories. I would love to see a story with some of those same qualities, preferably about Suzy and Sam in the future. Whatever became of them? P.S. I'm a sucker for a reunion fic. However, if you're not in a romantic type of mood, I'd be happy with anything that centers around Suzy as an adult. What is she like? How did her experiences as a teenager shape her future?


Characters: Louie and Pamela

Oh, man. Seriously, anything set in the Louie universe would be A-OK by me. Yes, I'm a dork and I ship Louie and Pamela and would love to see something vaguely happy (as happy as anything can be with Louie) with them. Maybe something from Pamela's POV? Or Louie and Pamela have hilariously terrible sex? However, I'm open to just about anything. A return of Louie's mother or sister would be hilarious. Maybe Liz comes back into his life? I know I said I don't really love m/m slash but anything with Louie and Ramon would be aces. (I swear, I would even love Louie/Ramon mpreg. I just love Louie and Ramon that much.)

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

: Sonmi~451 and Yoona~939

I really enjoyed Cloud Atlas but the sections I most loved were Sonmi~451's. Her story was a gripping, thrilling, infuriating, and disturbing one, and one that I wish could stand alone as a full novel. I would love to hear Yoona~939's side of the story: her ascension, her relationship with Sonmi~451 and her attempt to escape her life of drudgery and slavery. If that prompt doesn't do it for you, I'd love just about anything set in the world of Nea Se Corpros. World building! Oh how I love world building!

I hope I'm not being too vague, Dear Writer, or too specific. Really and truly, I will be absolutely delighted and grateful for whatever you choose to write for me.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to make my holidays bright!


P.S. If you want to see what I've written to get a feel for my tastes, my fic is here or at AO3
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Hi! It's cool that you're doing YT this year! (And Camilla fic is totally a thing that should exist.)